What Have We Learned from the Shortening of Treatment for Drug-sensitive TB?


November 20, 2014 (All Day)

Dr. Richard Chaisson and Dr. Eric Nuermberger talk about what has been learned from recent phase 2 and phase 3 trials of shortening the treatment for drug-sensitive tuberculosis. 




Statins as adjunctive host-directed therapy...

This study will investigate the role of statins in combination with the first-line regimen for TB in the mouse model. In...

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TB Modeling and Analysis Consortium

The TB MAC brings TB modelers together from a wide range of institutions to answer questions of global policy relevance.  I...

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Modeling to improve TB decision-making in the...

We are part of a large consortium that is constructing epidemic and economic models of TB and HIV in collaboration with the U.S....

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TBM-KIDS (India)

A phase 2 clinical trial of optimized treatment for pediatric tuberculous meningitis in India and Malawi

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