FlexDx-TB: A flexible, user-friendly model of TB diagnostics


Baltimore, Maryland, US


07/01/2012 - 06/01/2015


David Dowdy, MD, PhD, ScM

We have developed a web-based model that allows decision-makers to input local epidemiological and economic values and receive customized estimates of impact and cost-effectiveness related to different strategies for scaling up TB diagnostics.  We are now collaborating with colleagues at USAID to test the model for on-the-ground decisions being made in Mozambique.


TBM-KIDS (India)

A phase 2 clinical trial of optimized treatment for pediatric tuberculous meningitis in India and Malawi

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Modeling the impact of novel TB drug regimens...

We are constructing mathematical models of TB epidemics in Southeast Asia, India, and Vietnam to explore the potential...

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Modeling to improve TB decision-making in the...

We are part of a large consortium that is constructing epidemic and economic models of TB and HIV in collaboration with the U.S....

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mHealth for improved TB contact investigation...

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