FlexDx-TB: A flexible, user-friendly model of TB diagnostics


Baltimore, Maryland, US


07/01/2012 - 06/01/2015


David Dowdy, MD, PhD, ScM

We have developed a web-based model that allows decision-makers to input local epidemiological and economic values and receive customized estimates of impact and cost-effectiveness related to different strategies for scaling up TB diagnostics.  We are now collaborating with colleagues at USAID to test the model for on-the-ground decisions being made in Mozambique.


TB Modeling and Analysis Consortium (TB MAC)

Dr. Dowdy serves on the steering committee of an international consortium of TB modelers that aims to improve approaches to TB...

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APT: Assessing PA-824 for Tuberculosis

A Phase 2 clinical trial of PA-824, an investigational nitroimidazole, as part of multidrug therapy for pulmonary TB; in...

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Impact of diabetes on TB treatment outcomes...

This is a study to prospectively enroll and follow TB patients co-infected with diabetes and TB patients without diabetes...

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A randomized trial of preventive therapy for...

We are evaluating the efficacy and cost-effectiveness of levofloxacin preventive therapy for adult contacts of MDR TB patients...

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