Modeling to improve TB decision-making in the United States


Baltimore, Maryland, US


10/01/2014 - 09/01/2019


David Dowdy, MD, PhD, ScM

We are part of a large consortium that is constructing epidemic and economic models of TB and HIV in collaboration with the U.S. CDC to improve decision-making for TB control in the USA.


TBM-KIDS (Malawi)

A phase 2 clinical trial of optimized treatment for pediatric tuberculous meningitis in India and Malawi

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Modeling the impact of spatially targeted TB...

We have developed transmission models to understand the impact of TB vaccination strategies that target hotspots of...

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Immunotherapy Targeting MTB Persisters in the...

The goal of this research program is to determine whether enhanced immunity to critical components of the Mtb stringent response...

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A Nurse Case Management Intervention to...

Dr. Farley is responsible for the overall project from design, implementation, data collection, and preparation of...

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