Scale-up and implementation of TB diagnostics including Xpert in Uganda


Uganda, Uganda


05/25/2015 - 05/01/2016


David Dowdy, MD, PhD, ScM

We are evaluating the implementation, cost-effectiveness, and potential epidemiological impact of scaling up Xpert across 19 stand-alone clinics and 2 larger referral networks across Uganda (including in Kampala).  We are also evaluating the role and cost-effectiveness of "triage" testing in peripheral clinics using CRP and other novel biomarkers.


TBM-KIDS (India)

A phase 2 clinical trial of optimized treatment for pediatric tuberculous meningitis in India and Malawi

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Understanding the role of repeat testing and...

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A smoking cessation trial in HIV/AIDS...

A tobacco prevalence survey and smoking cessation trial among HIV infected patients in South Africa.

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