Gyanu Lamichhane, PhD

Associate Professor, Department of Medicine

Dr. Lamichhane’s research focuses on identification and characterization of essential proteins of cell wall peptidoglycan biosynthesis in bacteria and development of new antibacterials that work by interfering with this pathway. Peptidoglycan is the exoskeleton of bacterial cells without which bacteria cannot survive. The historical model that describes molecular biology of peptidoglycan is narrow and does not adequately describe important aspects present in several clinically important bacteria. Dr. Lamichhane’s group focuses on the non-classical pathways for synthesis of peptidoglycan in mycobacteria. Study of peptidoglycan and its relevance to physiology and virulence of mycobacteria including M. tuberculosis and M. abscessus have been the focus of his research group. Studies in his laboratory focus on fundamental science and leveraging findings to develop new therapeutics for treating mycobacterial diseases. In addition, Dr. Lamichhane also studies fundamental genetic mechanisms and basis of antibacterial resistance.