Operational Research

Operational research provides an approach to optimize service delivery to those who need it most. By identifying gaps in delivery, identifying population segments who are currently missed or suffering disproportionately from the health, social, and economic toll of TB, understanding where and why gaps exist, and then developing and deploying innovative solutions to close those gaps, operational research can bridge “the last mile” to improve TB outcomes worldwide. Despite the acceleration in innovation in TB prevention and care, when it comes to implementation of current tools and knowledge, significant challenges remain. By generating evidence-based solutions to the challenges faced by TB programs, operational research plays a crucial role in the global efforts to eliminate tuberculosis.

SMART4TB seeks to engage with Ministries of Health, National TB Programs, community representatives, other stakeholders, and USAID missions to help provide technical support to advance high-quality operational research. Projects may be done nationally, sub-nationally, or in partnership with other SMART4TB countries in multi-country efforts.

Jonathan Golub
Johns Hopkins University

Chris Hoffmann
Johns Hopkins University

Priya Shete
University of California, San Francisco

Devan Jaganath
University of California, San Francisco

  • SMART4TB is partnering with the South Africa TB Think Tank in an RFA process designed to solicit projects focused on innovative operational research projects related to TB prevention, treatment, and care, both during and after TB treatment completion.

  • SMART4TB is partnering with the Cambodian National TB Program, Ministries of Health, and local partners to help improve knowledge on targeted testing for latent TB infections.

Partners & Collaboration

SMART4TB’s operational work is currently partnering with the South Africa TB Think Tank and the Cambodian National TB program.