The Arthur M. Dannenberg Jr. Research Award

The Arthur M. Dannenberg, Jr. award is given each year to a trainee or trainees in the Center for Tuberculosis Research whose work exemplifies the commitment, industry, and vision demonstrated by Art during his long and illustrious career as a TB researcher. The award is presented annually at the Scientific Meeting of the Center for TB Research based on original research presented at the meeting by trainees. Individuals are nominated for the award by their mentors and decisions are based on a vote by the faculty of the TB Center during the meeting. Faculty eligible to vote are those with a full-time appointment within the TB Center or those committing a substantial amount of time to research collaborations in the Center.

The Dannenberg Award was established in 2004 and announced at an 80th Birthday Celebration for Art organized by faculty of the Center. The first awards were made at the 2005 Annual Scientific Meeting and have continued annual since then. The award originally consisted of an engraved glass trophy and the names of recipients were listed on a plaque hung in the TB Center’s hallway.

In 2011, Art’s children, Arlene Bowes, Andrew Dannenberg, and Audrey Dannenberg, made a generous donation to the Center to endow a cash prize for subsequent recipients of the Dannenberg Award. Since that time each recipient has received a payment of $250 ($500 if there is a single winner) in addition to the trophy.

Previous Awardees

2005  Kathleen Page & Petros Karakousis
2006  Raghunand Tirumalai
2007  Ian Rosenthal
2008  David Dowdy & Kelly Dooley
2009  Nisheeth Agarwal & Lee Klinkenberg
2010  Celine Gounder & Nicholas Be & Deepak Almeida
2011  Adrienne Shapiro & David Miranda
2012  Shaaretha Pelly & Edward Weinstein
2013  Maia Schoonmaker & Andre Kubler
2014  Leighanne Basta & Alvaro Ordonez & Noton Dutta
2015  Jean-Philippe Lanoix & Alice Zwerling
2016  Nicole Ammerman & Laurene Cheung & Jessica Elf
2017  Victoria Campodonico & Akshay Gupte & Michael Urbanowski
2018  William Matern & Stefanie Krug
2019  Lelia Chaisson & Elizabeth Story-Roller
2020  Monika Looney
2021  Katherine Robsky & Sadiya Parveen
2022  Elisa Ignatius & Sonya Krishnan & Styliani Karanika
2023  Manish Gupta & Ryan Thompson