Clinical Core

Clinical Core
The overall goal of the Johns Hopkins University TRAC Clinical Core is to foster transformational TB clinical research, with a focus on New Investigators and Early Stage Investigators, by providing access to populations, mentoring, and material support for the conduct of clinical and translational science.

The Clinical Core (CC) provides added value to the TRAC by bridging scientific resources at JHU that are currently separated by departmental, physical, and logistical barriers. We connect dispersed clinical investigators to coordinate mentoring, simplify access to patient and specimen resources, and engage in interdisciplinary collaboration. The CC promotes expansion across the full spectrum of patient and public health research, including clinical research on TB pathogenesis (i.e., TB natural history from infection to disease); comorbid diseases/conditions and co-infections (e.g., HIV); clinical care (e.g., diagnostics, therapeutics, adherence, engagement in care); and public health control strategies (implementation of active case finding, TB preventive therapy, and environmental control measures).

Specific Aims:

  1. Promote interdisciplinary TB clinical research through coordinated exchange of research methods and ideas among new and established Investigators
  2. Provide coordinated access to international and US-based clinics, patient cohorts and specimen repositories. –CDC TBTC, IACTG, IeDEA, IMPAACT, RePORT, multiple RO1-supported cohorts
  3. Provide direct assistance to NI/ESI and trainees for implementation of clinical research-related TRAC Developmental Awards or early-stage career grants (e.g., K award) –In coordination with DC, the CC will provide support to NI/ESI for management of IRB, FDA, biosafety and other regulatory approval processes involved with human subjects research, and will support study implementation


  • Coordinate access to JHU associated clinics, patient cohorts and specimen repositories. 
  • Assistance with implementation of clinical research for TRAC Awardees or early-stage career grants. 
  • IRB, FDA, biosafety and other regulatory processes  
  • Facilitate collaboration and interdisciplinary clinical research through coordinated exchange of research methods and ideas through sponsored seminars and symposia. 
  • Mentorship and training opportunities providing tailored feedback through participation in WAGs and K Clubs.